Unjha Vomezyl Tablet | Controls Vomitting, Indigestion

If you’re looking for Unjha Vomezyl Tablet, you’re at right place. This article will give full details of Unjha Vomezyl Tablet. Unjha Vomezyl Tablet is a proprietary medicine from Unjha Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

Unjha Vomezyl Details

Vomezyl is an experienced innocent Ayurvedic compound that is very much useful in vomitting.

Indigestion due to stomach or intestinal defects, Hyper acidity, Heart Burn, Acid erection, excessive thirst and vomitting of the food taken – all these are checked by the definite use of the Vomezyl along with digestive and light diet.

Unjha Vomezyl Tablet

Unjha Vomezyl Tablet

Vomitting due to Malaria, Pitta Fever, Anaemia, Hepatitis, Jaundice, Worms and diseases of the Urinary, Nervous system and due to any toxic substance taken unchecked along with the treatment of the diseases.

In Hic-cough flatulence and excessive salivation due to digestive disturbances Vomezyl gives great relief.

Vomitting due to Pregnancy, Vertigo and in children if milk is not digested. Vomezyl is found very much beneficial in pregnant ladies and children. Easily digestible food and continued use of Vomezyl will check vomitting and other complications.

Unjha Vomezyl Indications

Vomitting, Nausea, Indigestion, Hic-Cough

Unjha Vomezyl Dose

1 to 2 tabs, twice a day with water

Unjha Vomezyl Packing

20, 100, 500 Tablets

Unjha Vomezyl Composition

Each uncoated tablet contains Kapoor Kachli (Shathi), Phudino, Purified Sonageru, Jahar Mohra Bhasma, Mayurpinchha Bhasma, Pipermint phool.


About Unjha Ayurvedic Pharmacy

Established in 1894, Unjha Ayurvedic Pharmacy are engaged in carrying forward the fundamental and applied principles of ‘Ayurveda’ in this modern era of science & technology. They are known as a renowned manufacturer, exporter, supplier, and trader of ayurvedic drug like Amiri Jivan, Allerzun Tablet, Balamrit, Blossom Capsule, Cruel Capsule, Emivita Capsule, etc. You may visit the official website of the company from here. Over the years, the company have acquired ISO 9001:2000, GMP certificate.

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Unjha Vomezyl Tablet | Controls Vomitting, Indigestion
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