7 Effective and Tested Tips to Quit Smoking

If you’re looking for some effective and tested tips to quit smoking, you’re at right place. This article will help you to quit smoking.

First of all, you must be aware the cigarette contains tobacco. Not just that, as per American Lung Association, there are approximately 600 ingredients in a cigarette. When burned, they create more than 7,000 chemicals. At least 69 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, and many are poisonous.

So, just quit smoking. Without going into more details on harmful effects of cigarette smoking, I’m here writing 7 Effective and Tested Tips to Quit Smoking.

1. Remember Love to Quit Smoking

Write the name of 5 people you love most in your life. Now, think of your life without any of them. Do you feel pain in heart and tears in eyes? If yes, just think of their life without you. How will they feel and how will they survive without you?

If you have a little idea of the power of love, you can quit smoking just now. No need to read this article further.

If there is a scarcity of love in your life, proceed further.

2. Exhale Deep Breaths

Whenever you want to smoke, just exhale deep breaths. Do not worry of inhaling oxygen. Your body knows it very

Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking

well, and it will do it. You just exhale Carbon-dioxide as much as you can. Your body will inhale fresh oxygen to the smallest cells of your lungs. And after that, you will feel fresh and active. Your body will automatically reject tobacco then.

It’s better if you do it in open place – may be a park or near the sea. But you can always do it in your room or office also.

Try it now.

3. Be a witness in smoking cigarette

Next time you smoke a cigarette, just look at yourself. Don’t try to quit smoking. Just be a polite witness to your actions. See how your hand is moving towards cigarette, to lighter, how you inhale smoke and exhale smoke. Slowly and slowly, you’ll feel like a stupid person who is smoking for nothing. Once you become aware, there is no need to quit smoking. It will automatically be out of your life.

This way was recommended by OSHO – the spiritual master.

4. Seek support

Support from family and friends is crucial to helping an individual quit smoking. Tell your non-smoking peers you want to quit smoking and they will surely support you every step of the way.

5. Stop buying Cigarette packs in Bulk

As you’re getting ready to quit, stop buying cartons of cigarettes. Instead, only buy a pack at a time, and only carry two or three with you at a time. Eventually, you’ll find that when you want a smoke, you won’t have any immediately available. That will slowly wean you down to fewer cigarettes.

6. Herbal Tea

Switch to a cup of herbal tea whenever you usually have a cigarette. That might be at breakfast, mid morning, or after meals. The act of brewing the tea and slowly sipping it as it cools will provide the same stress relief as a hit of nicotine.

7. Buy and Read following books to quit smoking

The Illustrated Easyway to Stop Smoking: A Smoker’s Guide to Just How Easy It Is to Quit
Quit Smoking for Good (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)
Quit Smoking While You’re Smoking: An Easy and Practical Approach to Quitting
My Final Quit: How I Quit Smoking and Broke a 40-Year Addiction
7 Effective and Tested Tips to Quit Smoking
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