Asthma treatment with Aerosols » How to use, store and care

This article explains how to use Aerosols, how to store Aerosol and how to care Aerosol for asthma patients.

Aerosol therapy at home is especially effective in delivering medication to the lungs of newborns, young children and anyone who can not use a conventional inhaler with a separator.

Asthma treatment with Aerosols

To get an aerosol, the doctor must prescribe a special prescription. The cost of household aerosols is different.

How to use a home aerosol?

To do this, you need the following:

  • Spray
  • Measuring cup of aerosol
  • Mask or tip
  • The medicine (or a dispensed ampule, or a bottle with a measuring device)
  • Compression tube

If you have all the necessary accessories, then proceed:

  • Place the spray gun on a flat, hard surface. Plug the power cord from the spray gun into a properly grounded electrical outlet.
  • Before you start, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and wipe them dry.
  • Precisely measure the amount of medication as indicated in the instructions, and put it in a measuring cup of aerosol. Most drugs now go in metered ampoules, so there is no need to measure out the right amount. If, however, it is necessary, then use a clean measuring device, separate for each medicine.
  • Place a measuring cup and a mask or mouthpiece on the aerosol.
  • Turn on the atomizer to make sure it is working properly. You should see a small amount of spray dust coming out of the opposite side of the tip.
  • Sit comfortably on a chair, you need to sit exactly. If the aerosol is necessary for the child, then it should sit in your arms. If you use a mask, put it on your face or face of the child. The mask should sit tightly on the face and not cause discomfort. If you use a tip for the mouth, grip it with your teeth and press it tightly with your lips (or ask your child to do it).
  • Take a few deep breaths. If possible, hold your breath for 2-3 seconds before exhaling. This will allow the medicine to penetrate deeper into the lungs.
  • Continue the procedure until the medication is over (on average it takes 10 minutes). The pulverizer will emit a specific sound (crackle, click), which means there is very little medicine left in the glass.
  • If there is dizziness or increased nervous excitement, take a pause in taking the medication for 5 minutes. Then again, continue the procedure and try to inhale the medicine even more slowly. If dizziness and agitation are repeated, tell your doctor about it.

During this procedure, if the medicine remains on the walls of the measuring cup, shake it a little to use up the medicine completely.

Asthma treatment with Aerosols

Asthma treatment with Aerosols

How to store and care for the aerosol?


Cleaning and disinfection of the aerosol is not particularly difficult, but very important. Proper care prevents the appearance of infection. Cleaning should take place in a dust-free and smokeless environment with closed windows.

Follow these aerosol care instructions:

  • After each procedure, you should carefully rinse the measuring cup in warm water, then wipe off the remaining water and allow it to dry. Every day a measuring cup, mask or tip should be washed in warm soapy water, using a mild detergent solution, thoroughly rinsed and allowed to dry. The compressor tube should not be washed.
  • On every third day after rinsing the device, it is necessary to disinfect the device with an acetic solution (vinegar and water) or a disinfectant solution, which is recommended in the instructions to this aerosol. For the vinegar solution, mix 1/2 cups of white vinegar with 1 1/2 cups of water. Place the device in the solution for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly in hot water. Shake off any remaining water and allow to dry. Before packaging in a box, the device should dry thoroughly.


  • Cover the spray gun with a clean towel. Keep it clean. If necessary, wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Do not place the spray gun on the floor for use, not for storage.
  • Medicines should be stored in a cool dry place. Regularly check medicines. If they have changed color or formed crystals, they need to be thrown away and bought new ones.

Other tips

  • You should always store a spare measuring cup and a mask or mouthpiece, just in case.
  • Check the spray gun regularly. Replace or clean it according to the instructions that came with the device.
Asthma treatment with Aerosols » How to use, store and care
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