Asthma patient should keep a diary. Check why and how

By monitoring the slightest symptoms of asthma with a pneumotachometer and by providing self-help, using information about the areas of your asthma, you can maintain a normal lifestyle without remembering asthma.

Another component of self-help is keeping a diary. Daily maintenance of the diary will help you to monitor the pathogens of asthma and to control the intake of medications. The diary is needed for:

  • Records the main symptoms of your asthma and pneumotachometer indicators.
  • Comparison of the parameters of a pneumotachometer with asthma zones.
  • Tracking how often you take medication during a sudden attack.

By recording this information, you will learn to recognize the signs of an impending attack and prevent it in time. In addition, thanks to the diary, your doctor will be able to assess the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment program.

asthma patient diary
asthma patient diary

How should I keep a diary?

Start with a copy of the treatment program.

The next step is to define and insert asthma zones into the template. Enter this information in your diary, so that you can easily find it.


  • Specify the date.
  • Use a pneumotachometer and record the results in a diary. Make sure you use a pneumatic tachometer before taking medication.
  • Compare the results with the zones for your asthma.
  • If the results are below 80% of the best personal score, follow the instructions of your doctor described in the treatment program. In addition, on this day, try to check the indicators more often, not forgetting about the traditional evening check.
  • Count how many times in 24 hours you have used the beta-2 fast action agonist (quick-acting inhaler).
  • Write down the slightest symptoms that appear throughout the day.

Do not forget to bring a diary with you to every appointment with a doctor. With the help of the diary, your doctor can evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.

Asthma patient should keep a diary. Check why and how
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