Asthma: 10 questions to ask a doctor

Asthma: 10 questions to ask a doctor

questions to ask a doctor
questions to ask a doctor


A visit to a doctor is not a pleasant occupation. Most patients are nervous, worried and most often forget to ask exciting questions.

It’s a good idea to write in advance the questions that you would like to ask. You can write down questions and your thoughts in a notebook and take it with you to see a doctor.


But if you do not know what to ask, then below are the main ten questions. 



You can print and take them with you.

  1. What is asthma?
  2. What causes asthma exacerbation?
  3. If I change my lifestyle, will this bring me some relief and reduce the incidence of asthma attacks?
  4. What tests and tests should I take?
  5. How to use the inhaler?
  6. Is there any treatment that can be done simultaneously with taking asthma medications?
  7. Is it safe to exercise in asthma?
  8. How does the asthma treatment program help me in managing the symptoms?
  9. Can stress provoke an asthma attack?
  10. Are there any support groups for asthmatics?
Asthma: 10 questions to ask a doctor
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