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Anatomy of the human gyrus ventricle

The laryngeal ventricle

The guttural ventricle is a pair of deepening of the laryngeal mucosa between the vestibule and the vocal folds.

human gyrus ventricle

To what doctors to address for inspection of the Laryngeal ventricle:

  • Otolaryngologist
  • ENT

What diseases are associated with the laryngeal ventricle:

  • Acute catarrhal laryngitis
  • Infiltrative laryngitis
  • Lining laryngitis (false croup)
  • Larynx angina
  • Laryngeal edema
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases of the larynx
  • Chronic catarrhal laryngitis
  • Chronic hyperplastic laryngitis
  • Chronic atrophic laryngitis
  • Chondroperichondritis of the larynx
  • Laryngeal burns
  • Foreign bodies of the larynx
  • Injuries of the larynx
  • Chronic laryngeal stenosis
  • Acute stenosis of the larynx
  • Acute and chronic stenosis of the larynx
Anatomy of the human gyrus ventricle
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